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Paid2Save Network Update

Jun. 2, 2015

Groupon & LivingSocial Now Part of Paid2Save

Many of you have used Groupon or Livingsocial discounts in your local area to save up to 80% on many offers. Now Paid2Save expanded program includes both great companies and cash back on your purchases.

Jun. 16, 2015

Nonprofit Program Building Churches in Africa

Nonprofit Programs – Charity and Nonprofit organizations across the nation struggle generating funds for their causes either through donations, volunteers, sales or various products and services which benefit the organization. Here is a program you can now add to what you are already doing.

"Paid2Save" has developed a revolutionary program designed to help nonprofit organizations across the nation. - For the First Time, Here's a revolutionary opportunity and a unique Win-Win for everyone! By simply introducing the FREE Mobile app to your supporters, as they download the app and use the app to save money, the Nonprofit receives a passive income through their use of coupons, discounts and deals...

Jun. 23, 2015

Portland Nonprofit Growing More Support Thanks to Paid2Save

"People Helping People Outreach" started by founder Gloria Little is a grassroots movement in Portland, OR. this organization was struggling to generate the much needed funds to support their cause. Thanks to Kenn Rivers & Rich Podsuzs from Tacoma, WA. raising funds has never been easier. To learn more about this phenomenal program for your nonprofit visit Gloria's website @

Jun. 29, 2015

Is Your Loyalty & Rewards Program working for you?

Communicate Directly with your customers with Paid2Save Mobile Marketing Platform – Paid2Save provides great new capabilities and opportunities for creating Multiple Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

Statistics show that Email messages are opened in a timely manner on average 20% of the time or not at all, but SMS text messages directly to your customers are opened 98% of the time so that means 98% of the time your offer will be read... For a limited time merchants interested in starting a loyalty & rewards program with Paid2Save texting platform will receive a 50% rebate on their first months service good through July 2015